Monday, November 9, 2015

Cycles of Life

Life is an eternal cyclical movement between birth and death. Birth is deeply committed to newness and return. Death is final and absolute. Both are profoundly real!

My mother is dying. Yesterday we received a call from the doctor in Connecticut confirming that dementia has progressed and mom’s brain no longer connects with her body. She is never hungry or thirsty because her brain doesn’t let her body know these things. She has trouble swallowing and easily chokes when she drinks. She can’t walk anymore or talk either because the brain is completely disconnected.

Right now mom is joined to tubes to rehydrate her body and bring her sodium levels down from the dangerous stages of yesterday. Once at a good level, she can go home, but, without those tubes feeding her, she will undoubtedly return to the stage where she is now. Without further assistance, she will die. Mom is 91 years old. She’s lived for a very long time and right now, I think, she’s ready. I know that. It’s her time. For me, it’s still hard.

Simultaneously, two of our sons and daughters-in-law are having babies any day now. Our 3rd and 4th grandchildren are expected in the next two weeks, one in Toronto and one in L.A.

The timing of my mother’s demise is auspicious. There is something beautiful about the wholeness of the life cycle. One person leaves the earth. Someone new is born. Mom’s death is dramatically linked to the birth of these two new grandchildren. There is real spiritual symbiosis occurring. I feel that strongly and rely on my own trust in God that it is intended to be good. My new grandchildren will be born strong and wholesome and will live lives that clearly connect them lovingly with others with a strong regard and respect for our wonderful universe. I believe that! And may it be so. And may it be so.