Monday, May 2, 2011

First Vote

The streets and sidewalks of the Annex are abuzz today. People are out walking, riding bikes, driving vehicles of all sorts. They are making their way to the nearest poll station to cast their ballot. Today is Election Day in Canada and more people than ever came out to vote and be heard.

Am I the only one who feels that sense of joy when I crawl behind the cardboard booth to mark an X in the box of my choice? I feel such a sense of pride. I am adding my voice to our democratic collective. My voice matters! I experienced that emotion today. My eyes fill with tears, my heart flutters with exhilaration and I have a tremendous feeling of fulfilled responsibility and efficacy.

On top of that today our youngest daughter, Jacquie voted for the first time. We walked to the poll together. Anticipating this milestone, we shared many conversations, read many articles and listened to numerous people who willingly voiced their political opinions. The responsibility to vote smart encourages Jacquie to read up, reach out, and ask questions, so that as she leaves the poll, she does so feeling confident and proud.

I know one thing! My eyes tear and my heart flutters, and watching Jacquie, my baby, walk out of the voting booth as a smart, perceptive, open-minded citizen makes me feel so proud for her.