Saturday, October 19, 2013

There's A Change A-Coming!

 The moon streamed straight across our land last night and illuminated my path. It doesn’t always appear like that. Sometimes as I walk outside, the black of the night is blinding. Then I have to stop and adjust to the darkness. But last night, the moon shone and my path was clear. This moon’s new path reminds me that the season is changing. With it brings adventure.

I am aware of the change everywhere. Our garden, recently dripping with fruit, is shrivelling and shrinking. Slowly I respond by placing layers of manure collected from a nearby horse farm, covered with another layer of compost collected from our many wonderful meals here, and then a hefty layer of sea weed from our beaches atop the tired soil. This will keep the soil warm, clean and enriched. Next spring it will be ready and healthy for growing new seedlings.

Our summertime has been eventful and serene. I have learned a lot about gardening, meditation and Yoga, learning and teaching, people, and myself. It has been a time of growth for me. I have put time into being alone, sitting quietly and focussing on my own power and strength. I realize the benefit that provides for others and for myself in my relationships and in my life.

The changing of the seasons brings on new adventures. We have decided to sell our house in Toronto and focus on building a house here on Gabriola. That’s a big step for us! We love living outside and a bit off the grid. We revel in the beauty and simplicity of our yurt, and welcome the challenges that come along with having to venture outside for everything else. It rationalizes our travel in the winter months and provides for easy transition through the seasons. I’m not quite ready to give up living like this.
At the same time, circumstances encouraged us to sell, and the cosmic direction just seemed to present itself. We are moving on, I suppose… slowly. We’re guessing it will take us 3 years to build our home here, considering the fact that we don’t want rush, we’re not ready to make a drastic change, and we still have the ability and desire to keep going. Building a house lends some sense of permanency. We’ll be more ready for that in 3 years.  
Change is exciting! For some, I know, change is abhorrent. I know many people who like things just the way they are. They prefer staying home to exploring the outside world. They resist travelling and like to keep things orderly, predictable, and sound. I like that too sometimes, I have to admit. That’s what summers, for me, are about. I enjoy watching the sunflowers grow tall, and the zucchini plants spread across the garden floor. The calm air keeps everything still. Nothing moves. Just the upward growth, the sounds of sunshine, and the energy of visitors that surround.

But I have to say, change brings newness to my life. It inspires inner growth and outreach. It provides new inspiration for learning and seeking and satisfying the curiosity that drives my mind and spirit.
New adventures keep me interested and excited. The unknown keeps me aware. I am forever delving into the depths of my soul to discover new ways of being and seeking love and compassion everywhere.

So bring it on, change! I’m ready. As I keep my mind’s eye on the silent path of the moon.